A McMaster University Research Group

How bacterial viruses (phages) shape the gut microbiome

Photo credit: Martin Lipman (NSERC)


Current Affiliations

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The Farncombe Institute
Chair IN Phage BIology (Sept 2017- )

Hired through the Farncombe Institute's efforts to recruit a phage biologist, Dr. Hynes has been brought into this team of world-class researchers focused on the gut.


McMaster University
Assistant Professor (Sept 2017 - )

Dr. Hynes is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine, and an associate member of the Department of Biochemistry.

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Canadian Society of Microbiologists
Member (May 2008 -)
Section Vice-Chair MGCM (2019 -)

A member since he first helped host the annual conference in 2008, this society was a formative influence on Dr. Hynes. He still attends the annual conference without fail, and encourages aspiring microbiologists to attend and benefit from it as he has. 


The Canadian Society for Virology
Member (2018 -)
University Delegate

As a member of the CSV, Dr. Hynes supports this new society's efforts fostering virology research across Canada.