Current Funding


David Braley Centre for Antibiotic Discovery / Farncombe - “Joint Phage Initiative” (2019-2021)

I’m leading an internally funded effort, joined by Zeinab Hosseini-Doust (Chem. Eng, McMaster), Lori Burrows (Biochemistry, McMaster) and Mike Surette (Medicine, McMaster). We are working together to change how we approach determining the phage sensitivty of bacteria.


NFRF “To Catch a (not) Killer - beyond Cell-Death Mediated Bacterial Virus detection” (2019-2021)

Bacteriophages are discovered (and characterized) through a century-old technique that depends wholly on the death of the bacterial cell. This results in a bias where only the most virulent of viruses are noticed, instead of the plentiful viral ‘dark matter’ whose impact on their hosts is likely far less pernicious. With interdisciplinary collaborators in Physics, Engineering and Biochemistry, we’ll pilot new ways to detect phages that do not, as it were, ‘phage’ bacteria.


John R. Evans Leaders Fund “Bacteriophages and the Gut Microbiome” (2018-2023)


This infrastructure/equipment grant is enabling us to set up a world-class bacteriophage lab.


NSERC Discovery Grant “Temperate Phages Manipulate Bacterial Populations” (2018-2023)
+ Discovery Launch Supplement (2019-2020)


The study of phages is often centered on virulent (strictly lytic) bacteriophages. The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) supports a research program focused on fundamental aspects of the biology of temperate phages.


Farncombe Family Chair in Phage Biology (2017-2020)


In addition to supporting Dr. Hynes's salary, generous donations by the Farncombe Family to the Institute have provided the group with a large operating grant to kick-start its research. 

Past Funding