This is my current team - for past members, click here.


Hiba Shareefdeen

MSc Student (Medicine)

Hiba started work on phages in Dr. Surette's lab as a project student, and, upon finding out there'd be a dedicated phage lab, applied to join it before I'd even set foot in my lab. She started off as a research assistant to help get the lab up and running, but now that it's doing just that, she's started an MSc through the department of Medicine in May. She's my lifeline for "borrowing" supplies, using equipment and exploiting the expertise of the Surette lab. Her work involves tracking phage populations through fecal microbiota transplants. 


Anisha Nandy

MSc Student (Biochemistry)

Anisha overcame the beginnings of a career in industry to return to academia, following an interest sparked in her during her B.Sc. at Brock University. She also holds a B.A. in Dance and Performing Arts, and is a speaker for first generation imigrants to Canada. While volunteering in our shared labspace, she heard of phages and now she's hooked. She worked as a research assistant until she began an MSc in the department of Biochemistry in May. Her project's objectives are to systematically probe lysogens with compounds from the McMaster HTS lab to find out what, exactly, bacteriophages can sense. I can't help but hope caffeine induces lysogens - the paper would practically write itself. 


Félix Croteau

PhD Student (Biochemistry)

A graduate of Université Laval and veteran of the Moineau lab, he followed me to his new home at McMaster, to pursue a PhD. In addition to that solid pedigree, he's a winner of the Canadian Society of Microbiologists Undergraduate Award. He's also a talented musician, baker, and - as evidenced by our own logo proudly displayed on this site, graphic designer. He started his PhD in May through the department of Biochemistry, establishing the role of existing phages in model bacterial populations.


Amany Al-Anany

PhD Student (Biochemistry)

Amany is a graduate Ainshams University Faculty of Pharamacy. She worked in the pharmaceutical industry, as a patient educator at Sanofi Aventis and a compliance officer for Novartis. Following this, she worked as a teaching assistant then promoted to an assistant lecturer at the British University in Egypt. She received an MSc from The American University in Cairo researching biomarkers for HCV detection. She joined our group in winter 2019, which probably explains why she chose this picture rather than one with a dreary ‘Hamilton in Winter’ background. Apart from research, she is fond of cooking, sewing and photography.


McMaster Undergraduate Students


Jason Tran

Project Student (2018-2019)

Jason initially joined us as a volunteer to get a feel for the lab before starting his thesis project in the Fall. He’s a third year BDC student who is working on some slightly weirder of my ideas, mostly involving some under-investigated aspects of the CRISPR-Cas system. In his free time he paints - check out some of his impressive work!


Tirth Patel

Project Student (2018-2019)

Tirth is a Biochemistry 3R06 project student, following up on some interesting findings he uncovered in his tenure with us a summer student (supported by the Farncombe Studentship). He’s in his 3rd year of his BSc, in the biochemistry program. Beyond the lab, he is a cosmology enthusiast and a big fan of Toronto’s sports teams. In his free time, he enjoys playing hockey and listening to Hip-hop.


Janice Tai

Project Student 3A03 (2019)

Janice is in her 3rd year of the Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences program and is eager to dive into the world of phages to investigate phage-phage interactions. She tells me her ultimate goal in life is to grow another inch. I’m not sure I can help with that, but work on phage should at least help her realize she’s much taller than all the really important things. She maaaay also have an obsession with dogs, (unless having a "dog wall" in her room is normal?).


Andrew Chen

Project Student 3A03 (2019)

Andrew is a Biochemistry 3A03 project student. He is a third-year student in the Honours Biochemistry program, and excited to expand his knowledge on the importance of bacteriophages. In his spare time, Andrew enjoys watching NBA, running, and spending times with family and friends.


Kevin Zhao

SUMMER (2018), Project (2019)

Kevin initially joined us after his first year in the Bachelor of Health Sciences program at McMaster and worked in the lab with the support of the BHSc Summer Research Scholarship. His project involved exploring when crAssphage appears in the microbiome of infants. He has since rejoined us for a 1-term project on bacterial “herd immunity” against phages, exploring how different phage resistance mechanisms might help phage-sensitive cells survive a phage challenge. In his spare time, Kevin enjoys strategy games and books about science fiction and history. As a coffee enthusiast and student of science, he is constantly testing the limits of human caffeination. He’s also the lab pipette-tip filling champion (2018).