Other Opportunites

Visiting Student/Researcher/Sabbatical/Phage Workshop: If you already have a position but would like to come work in the lab, as part of a short training session to work on phages or a longer-term stay, feel free to get in touch with me. 

Post Post-Graduate:
- Postdoctoral: I now feel the lab has the infrastructure and expertise in place to support a Postdoc. I am willing to consider applications on a case-by-case basis. That said, my expectation of a postdoc that they have some projects/interests of their own they also want to explore while working with me - a postdoc position is typically a stepping stone towards a more independent research carreer. I want to ensure I give a postdoc the opportunities to build up their CV, take the lead (and do a lot of intellectual heavy lifting), and spread their wings while spending some of my grant money on their pet projects, insofar as they fit within the broader scope of the lab. Please consider, before you apply, what do you think you could bring as a project in the lab that my lab/McMaster would be ideally suited to support?
- Technician: I am not currently considering a staff position at this time.

Primary School: I've previously been involved with programs aimed at fostering participation in science, such as the Sanofi-aventis BioTalent challenge, and offered educational sessions for high school students on bacteria or phages. If you're a primary school student or educator and want to get in touch, by all means - reach out to me!