Past Lab Members

Almost no-one who has come to the Hynes lab has ever left. That's not quite as ominous as it sounds, given the lab only opened its doors on January 2018. 


Clara Fikry

Co-op student (Winter 2018)

Clara Fikry is a University of Waterloo undergraduate, who came to us for her on her first co-op term. She's a Waterloo iGEM team lead, competed in SciNapse, and runs a youtube channel for science education. Her parents tell her she has a few months to decide she's going to be a doctor, but given her current undertakings, I'm is sure they must mean the PhD kind. Right? Her project involved creating, manipulating and competing lysogens to characterize the positive effects phage infection can have on a host. Her Co-op was supported in part by the Student Work-Integrated Learning Program "BioTalent". I expect to see Clara re-join our ranks soon...


Jason Tran

VOLUNTEER (Winter 2018)

Joined us as a volunteer to get a feel for the lab before starting his thesis project in the Fall, Jason is a third year BDC student who is working on some slightly weirder of my ideas, mostly involving some under-investigated aspects of the CRISPR-Cas system. In his free time he paints - check out some of his impressive work! We'll see him in September, for his project!