Past Lab Members

Almost no-one who has come to the Hynes lab has ever left. That's not quite as ominous as it sounds, given the lab only opened its doors on January 2018. 


Aaron Wen

SUMMER (2019)

Clinching a BHSc Summer Research Scholarship to work in the lab as a first year, he followed up on Andrew Chen’s work investigating bacterial motility. He put in a tremendous amount of work and moved the project forward considerably, further validating my decision to take on motivated students, even in their first year.


Tirth Patel

Summer (2018), Project Student 3R06 (2018-2019)

Following on some interesting findings Tirth stumbled upon in his work on quantifying phages, as a summer student supported by a Farncombe Studentship, Tirth took on a full-year project. At the end of his project, we’re still excited and confused - but perhaps confused at a higher level and about more important things? He is planning to embark on an Honours thesis in the Fall in another branch of Virology, with Dr. Karen Mossman.


Andrew Chen

Project Student 3A03 (2019)

Coming to us from the Honours Biochemistry Program, Andrew was independent and resourceful, tackling a project on bacterial motility that involved techniques no one else in the lab had any experience with. When last I checked in with him, he was working with Dr. Matthew Miller (McMaster) for the summer, supported by a well-deserved IIDR fellowship.

Roland provost head shot 2017.jpg

Roland Chou


Roland joined us after his second year in the Bachelor of Health Sciences program, thanks to an NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award (our first). He looked into new methods of phage isolation. He has his sights set on Medical School, but is working in another lab this summer - with yet another NSERC USRA - under the supervision of Dr. Troy Farncombe.


Clara Fikry

Co-op student (Winter 2018)

Clara holds the dubious distinction of being the first to leave the lab! She joined us from Waterloo for her first co-op term, which was supported in part by the Student Work-Integrated Learning Program "BioTalent". She worked on the bacterial fitness benefits of lysogeny. In addition to her work as a Waterloo iGEM team lead, and her youtube channel for science education, she’s followed-up on her phage work with us by another co-op term on phages, with Dr. Karen Maxwell at UofT. I think we’ve converted her, although she’s now working on eukaryotes (blasphemy!) with Dr. Rebecca Shapiro at Guelph.