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Opportunities for Undergraduates

I am very keen to provide undergraduate students opportunities to be exposed to research first hand. Undergraduate students work in the lab as Co-op students, project students (as part of their program) and summer students. These positions generally involve work on an existing line of inquiry, such as discovering new phages, where established protocols are in place. Despite these constraints, the students have room to take initiative in emphasizing aspects of the project that interest them more. 

  • Volunteers: I do not take on volunteers.

  • Co-op students: I can currently only consider co-op students that are able to bring in some external funding support I can complement (e.g. SWILP, NSERC: USRA).

  • Project/Thesis Students: The lab is currently at capacity until Spring 2020.

  • Summer Students: I can only consider summer students for 2020 that are able to bring in some external funding support I can match (e.g. Farncombe Studentship, NSERC: USRA, BHSc Research Scholarships). These applications are commonly handled in Jan-Feb of 2020.